DVO May 09, 2019

Title: Still Glad I Know

Scripture: “And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.” 1 John 4:16 (NKJV)

‘I know what love is,’ said the fictional Forrest Gump to the love of his life in that popular film of twenty-five plus years ago. The pop group Foreigner, back in the 1980s sang with the fabulous New Jersey Mass choir as their backup, “I Wanna Know What Love Is!” (I know you can show me!) It seems that from time immemorial people have been enamored with love. Many have understandably become greatly disenchanted in their search. They either fail to correctly define it or have embraced some cultural depiction of it which defies reality. Thankfully, the God of heaven has shown the entire world the greatest example of love that any of us will ever know!

Jesus came, lived a perfect sinless life, then died and rose again to purchase your pardon and mine to save us from an eternity in Hell! He died and rose again so that we would never, ever be truly alone in this world, so that we would never have to be irrecoverably devastated by human abandonments, through death (of precious loved ones), or by others’ choices to reject or abandon us, so that we’d never have to be in this cold and indifferent world without the unwavering presence of Christ Himself and His wondrous consolation, strength, and comfort. (Matt. 28:20)

I know what love is, because I sense Jesus my Lord walking with me and talking with me (through His Word—not through any audible voice, folks!), I sense His ever-present reminders that I am His very own! Do any of these powerful blessings eliminate for me the presence of adversities, struggles, or occasional bouts of mild depression? Absolutely not! But I go to the Rock Christ Jesus, and I am strengthened by prayer, by reaching out to others by letters, emails, etc., (not too big on phone calls) to show that I am thinking about them, because we’re all in the same boat called “the human experience” in a fallen world. We’re even commanded in 1 Thess. 5:11, 14 to encourage each other in this life. Some respond to its difficulties a little better at times than others, but we are nevertheless called to relate to one another regularly because life is fraught with troubles as surely as the sparks fly upward! (Job 5:7, Jn. 16:33) Through it all, who triumphs in the end but those who in faith take Christ by the hand and keep trusting Him, because He, above all others, will never leave us nor forsake us. Oh yes–I know what love is. Jesus, my Lord and Savior, reminds me daily.

Prayer: Dear Father, indeed what manner of love You have bestowed upon us that we should be called Your children! May we walk moment by moment in rich awareness of that love You continue to show us– love that will never let us go! HALLELUIAH! Amen!

(by Denise Diggs)